Sermon notes (Cromer, 23/4/17) 

Lovely story! What do we learn from it?

1) Trust the record. It’s a true story.

If Luke or the other gospel writers wanted to make up a story about the resurrection, they would never have written anything like this!

2) Trust the Bible. That’s the main point of this appearance. See how Jesus got his point across.

a) Jesus veiled his presence, vs 15-16.
Why? Imagine if they’d recognised him!
Still does. Footprints.

b) Jesus encouraged them to tell their story, vs 17-19.
All their hopes and disappointments spilled out.
He wants to hear us too. Won’t be shocked!

c) Jesus surprised them v 25.
Rebuke – got their attention! Gave them hope!
Do we deserve the same rebuke?

d) Jesus rooted their faith in Scripture, vs 26,27.
All that had happened was according to the Scriptures – our OT. cf 1 Cor 15:3ff (earliest account) etc.
Some passages very plain:
Psalm 22 vs 7-8, 16-18;
Isaiah 53 vs 4-6, 9, 10-11;
Psalm 16 v10.
Whole OT: salvation only comes through suffering. eg Joseph, Moses, David (all saviours), all suffered. Passover, sacrificial system: forgiveness is costly.
The defeat of evil is costly, for the Messiah. Acts 14:22.
Jesus’ point: The events of the last few days were not a shocking disaster, but in fulfilment of God’s rescue plan for the world, as foretold! God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself. By Jesus’ death we are made right with God. By Jesus’ resurrection a new creation was begun, the fulfilment of the old. Through faith in him as Messiah we are forgiven and given new life, eternal life, with God. That’s what was written!

3) Seek Jesus’ presence.

a) Jesus made no demands, v 28.
He doesn’t force himself on us either.
‘Haven’t got time to pray, spend time with Jesus…’

b) They wouldn’t let him go, v 29.
Don’t be content with present relationship. There is more!

c) Jesus revealed himself, vs 30,31.
We too want Jesus to reveal himself when bread is broken and shared.
We too can expect revelations of Jesus – esp by HS.
The purpose: a loving, joyful, faithful relationship.

4) Share the good news! vs 33-35

The Eleven had good news. No details.
The two told their full story.
Let’s share our stories, our experiences. Not a competition – don’t be jealous of those with exciting stories. Our faith is founded on God’s word and its record of Jesus and the prophecies and promises he fulfils. Our experience, however small, illustrates it.