Comment (28/6/2009)

     The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. Therefore it is not a whitewash nor a pretence. It is for real people in a world where life is often unfair, and often hurts.

     There are many songs of lament in the Bible. They were meant to be used by people who accepted the reality of a God of love while facing real pain and confusion. We cannot pretend that all is well, just because we believe God is good. A lament says it like it is, and expresses our feelings without either condemning us or compromising faith. Reality at times is not easy to cope with, nor to understand. But we can trust God even while screaming at him.

     Notice how David laments both his friend Jonathan and his enemy Saul. He was a man after God’s own heart.


1) How do you express your feelings?

2) Why did David lament Saul’s death? What can we learn from him?